Availability search for WooCommerce Bookings

24/10/2018 – The Availability Search for WooCommerce Bookings plugin is almost ready! Sign up to be first in line for the release. We will announce a special early bird discount soon.

Would you like your customers to be able to see your products based on their available date? Check out our Availability Search plugin! Now your customers can input their chosen date and search first for all the available bookable products within the date range!


(Early demo first searching between two dates. The plugin uses AJAX which allows it to be done without page reloads.)

The old method of checking if a WooCommerce Bookings product is available is unintuitive and wastes your customers’ precious time. Customers have to:

  1. Scroll through a list of bookable products
  2. Select the product
  3. Scroll through the date picker (calendar) to see if the ideal date is available
  4. Repeat until you find a product that’s available for your dates
  5. Either book a product or get frustrated and leave the site

Our Availability Search for WooCommerce Bookings Plugin makes the search easy with three simple steps!

  1. Input the ideal dates and click search
  2. Choose your favorite product
  3. Book the days that you know are available!


Easy Shortcode

Just drop the [availability-search] shortcode onto any page and you are ready to get started!

Woocommerce Bookings search for available date first

Supports Buffer & Unavailable days

Some WooCommerce Booking stores use buffer days between bookings, fear not! The plugin automatically detects those, as well as any date ranges that have been marked unavailable.

Minimum Bookable Days

The Minimum Bookable days settings from WooCommerce bookings are supported as well. Minimum bookable days work hand in hand with buffer days and unavailable days to find the next available day.

Multiple Bookings Slots

Multiple bookings slots per products are supported. So if 4 slots out 5 have already been booked, then the availability search will still pick up the last available slot.

Caching Results (Keeps your store fast!)

The plugin clears cached dates everyday at midnight, individual product caches are also cleared when the specific product has been booked through the checkout. That way you can ensure your customers always see the correct results fast!

Our Availability Search for WooCommerce Bookings plugin makes it easy for your customers to quickly find available products on their chosen dates!

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