Power up Your WooCommerce Store with our Basic Bundle!

Get three of our Extra Woo plugins for one simple price! By purchasing a bundle, you save around 20% of the total cost.

The Plugin Bundle

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Make sure your products are not sitting in idle carts! Clear the WooCommerce cart when it suits you! Also include an empty the cart button for your customers.

Make your products stand out from the rest! Showcase your products in a better way using a featured video in the place of a featured image for WooCommerce products.

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Increase your store's conversion rate using our Checkout Countdown timer for WooCommerce. The banner includes a real-time countdown. Also clear the cart automatically through the customer's browser!

How it works

  1. Purchase The Extra Woo Bundle
  2. login to your account
  3. Go to any of the plugins and click the Download now via bundle

That’s all! After your purchased the bundle you will receive your license key by email. Normally each plugin has it’s own license key but you can use the one on all of them!


The Annual Plugin Bundle includes 1 year of updates and support for Checkout Countdown for WooCommerce, Clear Cart for WooCommerce, and Featured Videos for WooCommerce. 

The Lifetime Bundle includes support and updates for life. You can read more about this in our terms and conditions.

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